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We take pride in our wide selection of Kids Percussion.

Kids percussion instruments are scaled to fit the hands of children. Children's instruments are also made to meet the demands of early childhood music programs and kids music therapy programs.

​Our Collection of Kid's Percussion gives children exciting ways to make music and discover rhythm with their very own instruments. Making music is not only fun, but it's educational as well with many social, emotional and intellectual benefits important for you child's development.

Children love to make music, and, since rhythm is the foundation of all music making, Kids Percussion gives children an exciting way to make music with their own instruments. Not only is playing music fun, research has found that music participation can have a beneficial and long lasting impact on a child's self-discipline and self-confidence. Kids Percussion is a positive, healthy introduction to music and rhythm - the perfect way for children and their parents to discover just how rewarding making music can be.

All of the Kids Percussion we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days. View our full selection of Kids Percussion
Kids Percussion Shakers are vital to every child's percussion collection. We offer a wide selection of egg shakers in various colors & shapes.
Toy Maracas universally unite, heal, and inspire. They encourage communication, abstract thought, & discipline at a child's most developmentally critical stage. 
Animal Shakers are a wonderful way to connect children's love for animals with music. They are easy to play and are a perfect way to introduce your child to the world of percussion.
Kids Drum Sets are a great tool to develop a child's sense of timing which dramatically affects speech flow, motor tasks, sports skills, & other important developmental characteristics. 
Kids Percussion Shakers
Kids Percussion Castanets
These colorful Kid's Percussion Castanets are fun, cute and great sounding.  
Kids Tambourines
Kids Tambourines are easy and fun to play for younger children. 
Bongos For Kids
Bongos for Kids are perfectly sized for smaller hands. Place them on the floor and let your little one take care of the rest. Shop our selection of various colors & designs. 
Rhythm Percussion
Rhythm Percussion is one of the most basic elements of music. It's important to teach children rhythm fundamentals from an early age, so they can proceed to more complex musical tasks & concepts.
Swiss Melody Bells
These colorful Kid's Swiss Melody Bells are outstanding to introduce to children in preschool and early grades.  
Babies Make Music Kits
The Babies Make Music! Lynn Kleiner series of percussion kits are one of the most durable and highest quality instrument kits available for infants and toddlers

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Hand Drums
Always a great seller for kids! With a childrens hand drum playing is easy and enjoyable. 
Simply turn these colorful, plastic rainmakers over and colorful beads cascade down the plastic tube creating the sound of rain. Very soothing and captivating sound. Children love to see the beads rain down in the tube.
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