We take pride in our wide selection of Kazoos & Whistles.

​Kazoos & Whistles give children exciting ways to make music and discover rhythm with their very own instruments. Making music is not only fun, but it's educational as well with many social, emotional and intellectual benefits important for you child's development.

The benefits of music in children are endless. Exposing your child to music and musical instruments has been shown to boost brain power, improve memory, build confidence, teach patience, foster creativity and much more! View our full selection of Kazoos & Whistles
Instrument Kazoos
Train Whistles
Toy Whistles
Children’s toy kazoos are very popular because they are so easy to use and do not involve any knowledge of music or use of the hands to press awkward keys 
Instrument Kazoos are a fun alternative from the traditional kazoo. Your little one can feel part of the band with this adorable instrument.
All aboard for great fun! These realistic sounding four-tone train whistles allows children to play the part of a real engineer.
Toy Whistles are a great way to introduce children to different sounds that create a song. They are also very fun and easy to play!
Kids Kazoos
Flutophones & Recorders
Children's Recorders & Flutophones offer a great way to give a confidence boost to toddlers or slightly older kids that are just getting started in their musical careers!
The Harmonica is a great way to introduce your child to an instrument and have them experiment with creating different sounds and tunes.

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